We help people shape and master the changes they face. We help them stimulate and deliver innovation. We help them transform their organisations so they are fit for the future.

Our consulting teams' deep experience, IT-enabled consulting methodologies, and personal qualities bring disproportionate value.

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alignment workshops

Creating organisational alignment around transformational change is an analytical and intellectual process, as well as a creative and intuitive process. Clarity is needed to make sense of competitive and market landscapes, as well as inspiration and creativity to develop vision. Strategic choices need to be generated, and well-considered decisions made.

But, beyond all that, it is a human process. It is easy to achieve agreement in the room, but strong process and facilitation skills are needed to create the energy and alignment between people that is critical to delivering transformational change.

If you need help developing an aligned team, who have shaped and strongly own their strategic transformation plan, then Relay's Alignment Workshops will help. The workshops help top teams talk with each other in open, supportive and challenging ways, and with humour and energy, so they align as they:
  • develop a shared map of the strategic trends affecting the business
  • conduct a strategic SWOT and 'as-is' analysis
  • develop a clear and shared vision of the business' future
  • develop high levels of ownership and alignment around a viable transformation plan
  • cascade the plan and build broader ownership across the organisation
  • translate the plan into focused innovations and changes throughout the business.
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