Our IT-solutions provide integrated, on-line processes that enable organisational change, innovation and transformation. They help the development of clarity, and insightful decision-making. They accelerate alignment and deliver high impact innovation and change - faster. What's more, they do this at all organisational levels. Click to view the different tools.

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quickwins innovation module

Most of today’s organisations have a burning need for innovation. They need more of it, faster, better targeted, and from all their staff.

Relay’s QuickWins innovation module enables operational innovation across the whole organisation. It provides fast-track innovation processes within an IT-solution.

The QuickWins innovation module:
  • connects innovation teams directly to the business imperatives
  • brings an incredibly engaging and easy-to-use innovation process
  • enables and improves team collaboration - locally and remotely
  • facilitates better informed decision-making at all stages
  • ensures greater dissemination of best practice & knowledge
  • increases transparency of performance and achievement
  • provides helicopter and drill-down visibility of the state-of-play across thousands of initatives.

QuickWins delivers innovation fast, in an engaging and sustainable way. It literally is an organisational quickwin!

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for example:
Teams delivering strategic innovation work need to use different processes, thinking and approaches from teams delivering less complex operational innovations.
Relay have innovation process IP in the areas of: