Our IT-solutions provide integrated, on-line processes that enable organisational change, innovation and transformation. They help the development of clarity, and insightful decision-making. They accelerate alignment and deliver high impact innovation and change - faster. What's more, they do this at all organisational levels. Click to view the different tools.

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organisational polling tools

Understanding the organisational climate is a critical competence and activity when leading transformation. Ordinarily, diagnostic processes touch only a small percentage of people. Getting more input is typically prohibitive, both cost and time-wise. Yet this is a key step in gaining buy-in. Imagine being able to:
  • get everyone’s input, easily
  • report back findings to staff within a few days
  • increase buy-in by simply working constructively with people’s input.
Relay have developed an innovative range of diagnostic tools to uncover and ascertain critical organisation ‘temperatures’ – strategically, tactically, and operationally. All of these tools are:
  • easy to set-up and run so they can be used to capture progress
  • totally intuitive and light-touch - they require no end-user training and take minutes to complete
  • customisable – they can use Relay’s, client’s or combination question sets
  • web-based, enabling personalisation of emails inviting feedback.
Results are delivered using dashboard benchmark indicators. This, along with commentary, provides a clear organisational temperature.

Within 5 days establish a transformation readiness base-line for your organisation, and re-use the tool at a later phase to capture progress.

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Relay’s tools are customisable – they can be run using Relay’s, client’s or combination question sets. Relay have question sets in the following areas.