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The 360° feedback tool, reveals an individual’s core strengths as a strategic influencer. It explores strengths in the areas of Business Maturity, Management Process Maturity and Interpersonal Maturity. The many psychometric tools, which help understand an individual’s personality, motivation and reasoning are well supplemented by this broader organisational view of the individual. It helps to identify their strengths and weaknesses as seen by peers and managers and therefore their fitness for different roles and organisations.

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The tool is also configurable to different skill-sets. Critical benefits it has over other 360° tools are :
  • it delivers prioritised strengths and weaknesses by using a forced distribution approach
  • all questions can be viewed on one page – no wading through page after page of repetitive questions
  • drag-and-drop fuctionality, tally chart collation of feedback, and SWOT analysis make the tool useable, visual, and engaging
Time taken for the individual addressing the issue using the networks for you process to achieve a successful pilot and full implementation.

Attempts had previously been made to address all of these issues. In each case it had not been possible ot achieve alignment of multiple functions around a way forward.
Tangible business impact assessed using standard process measures and accompanying financial metrics. For example 1% increase in yield delivers between $500-900k/year depending on the product type.