"...a clearer and tighter approach to managing my people. It's a positive process and absolutely business focused."

"...It seems obvious once you've done this programme, but I would never have thought about things this way before. It is clear what I need to do. An excellent investment of my time."

"...I've always shied away from giving negative feedback. This process really makes a difference. I can keep people on track now with constructive feedback - little and often. No big surprises (shocks!) anymore."

Relay's work has been stimulated by working alongside talented managers leading organisational transformation. Consequently, we understand the complexity, pressures, and conflicts that facing business leaders today.

Relay provide leadership development interventions as core strategies for delivering organisational change. We deliver best-in-class programmes, in conjunction with business workshops and coaching. Our programmes inspire better leadership, bring practical tools and processes, and deliver multi-million dollar impact - time and again.

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actively managing performance

How do you connect every person to the business strategy? How do you enable them to take strategic action every day? This programme provides managers with the processes, skills and ways of thinking that will help them to maximise the contribution of their people to the business. 

The culture and performance of organisations depends to a large degree on the quality of conversations between employees from the top to the bottom of the team. The style, focus and maturity of these conversations enables or hinders innovation, stimulates or stifles performance.

Organisation benefits: AMP designs and establishes a blueprint for best practice throughout the organisation. It ensures that managers and staff achieve, and maintain, a shared understanding about what needs to be done, and how things are going, throughout the year. It will ensure:

  • alignment between business goals and what individuals are delivering
  • focus on managing individual performance as a process rather than
    as a one-off event (appraisal), or reactively (when things go wrong!)
  • the opportunities for individual and organisational success are maximised.
Actively Managing Performance is often run as a cultural transformation programme because it shapes new ways of working and engages staff at higher levels.

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