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Relay's work has been stimulated by working alongside talented managers leading organisational transformation. Consequently, we understand the complexity, pressures, and conflicts that facing business leaders today.

Relay provide leadership development interventions as core strategies for delivering organisational change. We deliver best-in-class programmes, in conjunction with business workshops and coaching. Our programmes inspire better leadership, bring practical tools and processes, and deliver multi-million dollar impact - time and again.

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consulting for success

Making the shift from technical or professional 'expert' to internal consultant is far more than a simple change of job title! It involves a fundamental shift in attitude and behaviour in the individual concerned, and a far closer relationship between that person and their internal customer. As well as providing a clear step-by-step Consultancy Process, Frameworks and Toolkits, this programme emphasises the importance of 'positioning' the consultant's role, stream-lining the services for each internal customer according to their business priorities.  

A two-day programme that provides a step-by-step guide for the newly identified internal consultant within an organisation.

Participant profile: Individuals in platform services who are making the transition from giving purely expert advice to providing internal customer-focused services.

Individual benefits: Individuals will first gain clarification of their role. The programme then provides a 7-step Consultancy Process from 'Getting Access' (to the internal customer) to 'Disengaging' (at the close of the project). Each step is supported by Frameworks and a highly practical Toolkit.

Consulting for Success is often run as a cultural transformation programme for functions needing to shift form a tactical supplier to trusted partner role with their internal customers.

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