Time taken for the individual addressing the issue using the "networks for you" process to achieve a successful pilot and full implementation.

Attempts had previously been made to address all of these issues. In each case it had not been possible ot achieve alignment of multiple functions around a way forward.
Tangible business impact assessed using standard process measures and accompanying financial metrics. For example 1% increase in yield delivers between $500-900k/year depending on the product type.
Relay’s work has been stimulated by working alongside talented managers leading organisational transformation. Consequently, we understand the complexity, pressures, and conflicts that facing business leaders today.

Relay provide leadership development interventions as core strategies for delivering organisational change. We deliver best-in-class programmes, in conjunction with business workshops and coaching. Our programmes inspire better leadership, bring practical tools and processes, and deliver multi-million dollar impact - time and again.

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strategic influencing
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strategic influencing - ideas to impact

Taking ideas forward that affect groups, divisions or the broader organisation is tough. Yet this is exactly where most substantial opportunities lie – in the ‘white spaces’ between the roles and structure of the formal organisation. Gaining alignment with these often complex stakeholder groups needs sophisticated skills, thinking and approaches which often aren’t intuitive, particularly in highly expert organisations. In a recent survey of 472 organisation’s conducted by the IABC, “engaging others in needed changes” ranked in the top two of all challenges.
NetWorks for You is an e-learning and blended learning programme that provides engaging and comprehensive teaching for professionals and leaders of change. It includes a comprehensive and re-useable toolkit and process to help individuals:
  • take cross-organisational ideas forward
  • build the necessary organisational alignment and energy
  • demonstrate actual versus conceptual benefit
  • deliver sustained impact.

A small sample of what our clients have achieved using this on-line process is shown below

Time to full impact Business impact
7 months
(scrap reductions)
9 months
$2 million/year
(increased revenue)
5 months
$4 million/year
(corporate-wide reductions in scrap for new product introductions)