Relay's work has been stimulated by working alongside talented managers leading organisational transformation. Consequently, we understand the complexity, pressures, and conflicts that facing business leaders today.

Relay provide leadership development interventions as core strategies for delivering organisational change. We deliver best-in-class programmes, in conjunction with business workshops and coaching. Our programmes inspire better leadership, bring practical tools and processes, and deliver multi-million dollar impact - time and again.

integrated programmes
making change happen
strategic influencing
actively managing performance
consulting for success

  • strategic impact, integrated leadership development delivering cultural transformation
  • award winning use of technology to enable shifts in leadership capability
  • strategic influencing - multi-million dollar impact initiatives delivered
  • leadership platform enabling: collaboration, development of strategic thinking, and decisions, high levels of accountability, and knowledge transfer
Time to full impact Business impact
7 months
(scrap reductions)
9 months
$2 million/year
(increased revenue)
5 months
$4 million/year
(corporate-wide reductions in scrap
for new product introductions)